Patio Tiles, Step Tiles, Overlay Tiles

Overlay Tiles are ideal for use as Garden Paving, Patio Tiles, Walkway Tiles, Garden Tiles, Outdoor Tiles, Anti Slip Tiles, Display Area Tiles and many other applications. The only limit is your imagination.

Although they can be used on almost any surface they are commonly used on steps, concrete bases and on existing paving slabs. It is also common for extra to be ordered to loose lay in gravel for decorative purposes or as a base for plant pots etc. The tiles are made from glass fibre reinforced concrete which gives them more than enough strength for pedestrian use as well as being frost resistant. And at only 2kg per tile they are very light weight and easy to handle.

The tiles are available in a variety of finishes such as Checkerplate, Striated, Riven and Imperial, and in a very large range of colours. Please see our Products section for all the tile finishes, colours and accessories available.

The tiles are laid using our PU adhesive, which is supplied in 1 litre bottles and is very simple to use with instructions both online and on the bottle.

Please see our How To Lay Tiles section for our step by step guide on how to lay tiles (includes pictures and illustrations).

Patio Tiles, Step Tiles, Overlay Tiles